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How does Website Visitor Tracking work?

A Visitor Comes to Your Website

When a visitor comes to your website, we detect their IP address, which happens on any website you visit.

We Check Our Database

Based on that IP address, we do several database checks to find out as much information as we can about that visitor.

We Send You an Email Alert

Once we’ve collected the information, we send you an email alert and store the information in your dashboard.

From Visitor to Lead in less than a minute!

  • People Who Fill out a form 2%
  • People Who Don’t 98%

Only 2% of all web visitors will ever call or submit an email form.

We identify the 98% who don’t.

Carbon Leads turns anonymous website visitors into qualified sales leads.  When your sales team wants to know what company is visiting your website, we can provide you with the real time data they need to convert leads into sales. Carbon Leads is the perfect Business-to-Business sales tool for any type of company.

Carbon Leads:

  • Will tell you what company is on your website.
  • Who the main contacts are (when available).
  • What products or services they are interested in.
  • Send an Email Alert at the moment they are visiting your site.

Carbon Leads is working well; pretty neat!

Josh Kurz

President, AK Stamping

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