Instant Emails from Visitors on Your Website

Get emailed whenever a company visits your website. Find out who it is and what they’re interested in. No waiting for analytics, no looking at confusing reports. Real lead information at your fingertips!

Complete Control Through Your Dashboard

The Carbon Leads dashboard offers complete control over your account. Review lead history, edit your watch list, filter your emails and more!

Leverage Your Current Website and Search Marketing

You are spending money to drive prospects to your website. Energize your sales team by letting them know who is looking at the site!

Designed for Business To Business Sales

Sorts out the ‘consumer’ visitors so your sales team is not bothered with false alerts.

Designed For Sales Not Tech

This is not a replacement for analytics. This is designed to give sales people the information they want – empower your sales team with more information.

Easy Install - No Maintenance

It will literally take your webmaster 5 minutes to install. Simply paste in our code into your website. We host it, we run it. There is nothing for you to do other then follow up on sales leads.

The Information Your Sales Team Needs

General web stats provide you with useful information on your website’s performance. But sales teams don’t care how many people are coming to the website, they want to know WHO is coming to the website. Carbon Leads provides them with the information they need quickly and conveniently in their inboxes.

Instant Emails to your Inbox

Know the exact moment a new prospect is on your site. Set alerts for your hot prospects. Timing is everything.
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Email Notification Rules

The lead dashboard gives you a full set of tools to manage your leads. Set alerts based on number of page views, get summary emails daily or weekly and much more!

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Filter ISPs and Robots

Don’t waste your time with ISPs and Robots. Filter them quickly and easily with one click from your email.
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CRM Integration

CRM integration makes it easy to send leads from Carbon Leads into your customer relationship management platform. We support, Zoho, and LeadMaster.
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CRM Integration
emailsampleThe email alerts are the workhorse of Carbon Leads. It is an instant notification that you will receive when someone is visiting your website. The email includes the following information:

  • Prospect Company Name
  • Date/Time
  • Source (Where the visitor came from)
  • Location
  • First Page Visited
  • Keywords Used to Find Your Website
  • Visitor’s IP Address

If we have contacts in one of our databases, we will include them in the email show you:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Email Address

We then provide you with additional information and links to make it easy for your sales team to research the prospect. We link to the company on the following sites:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google (news, blogs, local)
  • Youtube
  • Hoover’s
  • Slideshare

and more! This is followed by a summary of the leads activity on your website, including pages viewed, time spent on them, and any previous activity on the website. At the bottom of the email, we provide easy to use buttons to allow you to add the prospect to your Watch List, ignore the user if they aren’t a good lead, and login to your dashboard to look up any historical information you need.  

dashboard-screensThe Carbon Leads dashboard provides full control over your account. Search through leads, edit your alert settings and more.

  • Lead Dashboard
    • Search Leads
    • Reporting
  • Analytics
    • Location
    • Device
    • Engagement
    • Referrer
    • Entry Pages
    • Exit Pages
  • Lead Handling
    • Notification Rules
    • Territory Rules
    • Watch/Exclude List
  • My Account
    • My Information
    • Change Password
    • CRM Integration
  • Configuration
    • Users
    • Zones
    • Installation
    • Exclude IP
    • Email Campaigns



The Carbon Leads system runs automatically in the background allowing you to focus on sales. Our system is maintained on a continuous basis and our databases are updated with the latest information.

How it works:

  • Easy, Simple, Automatic. – After only a 5 minute install, you will be receiving real time updates of the visitors to your website.
  • No Maintenance. No Consultants. No Implementation. – We do all the work, all you need to do is follow up on those leads and close the deal!
  • It’s like Caller ID for your website!

Take advantage of 12 Sources of Information Research… Information is Power! Don’t be left in the dark, let Carbon Leads provide you with information rich alerts on your prospect and their company.

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